This event runs from 12th May 2018 to 18th Aug 2018

Paul Holmes and Sarah Ash are photography enthusiasts that like nothing more than going out and shooting on film. Together they have formed NEG35, a new photographic society where members can share their findings on all things photography, film and darkroom related.

Despite having different aesthetics, Paul focuses on portrait and street photography whereas Sarah’s passion is nature and landscapes, their society is for anyone. NEG35’s intention is to show that, no matter what you prefer to shoot, the process of using analogue cameras and black and white film, processing the negatives and developing your own prints is an incredibly rewarding craft that can easily be learnt and enjoyed. They hope that the exhibition at Horsham Museum will share the joy of film photography and dark room printing and show that these skills can offer rich rewards in this time of digital quick fixes.

Want to find out more about NEG35 - pop in and say hello on the Saturday 11th August, watch a talk on film photography, browse some old film camera classics and find out how you could join the NEG35 Society.... Open all day 10-5pm with talks held at 11am, 1pm and 3pm"