This event runs from 7th Jan 2017 to 25th Feb 2017

Relax after a busy festive season and get back to nature by spending time enjoying the fantastic photography of Trevor Aird.

All the photographs  are inspired by the beauty and awe of the natural world - curious patterns and examples of fascinating light-play are complimented by other images with gentle humour. Smile at the amusing ‘cheeky’ ducks who show off their tails to their finest advantage in the pond. Or be thoroughly enchanted by the photograph of the sun bursting through the trees – natural light play at its best.

This photographer certainly knows how to capture that magical moment, which so often passes us by because we are too busy to see it. Once the furore of the winter holidays has passed, it is a good time to reconnect with the calm and gentle side of life – so, take a deep breath and make some time to experience this small but captivating exhibition