This event runs from 16th Sep 2017 to 8th Jan 2018

Since 1999 when Irregular Choice began, Brighton-based shoe designer Dan Sullivan has created worldwide waves that have shipwrecked the conventions of footwear and redefined good taste.

This September, Irregular Choice are striding north from Brighton Beach to the ancient market town of Horsham to share their magical story in their first museum-based exhibition.  Admission Free!!

The stunning display will reveal to hard core fans and the fantastical footwear-curious just why worldwide mega brands such as Disney want to work with them, and why celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg have shoe rooms dedicated to their Irregular Choice collections. The exhibition will rock the rather more traditional world of Horsham footwear and promises to provide a dazzling counterpoint to the museum’s own historic footwear collection.

Irregular Choice was founded in 1999 by creative and entrepreneurial mastermind Dan Sullivan. Brought up in the footwear industry, Dan felt that customers wanted something different and fun, but at affordable prices.Dan’s aim was to create an exceptional offering of fashion shoes with the emphasis on funky Irregular designs. He created Irregular Choice as a reason to stand out from the crowd!

All designing is still done by Dan Sullivan himself to ensure that the styles remain fresh and unique to the vision Dan has for the brand.

He works with the 3,000 year old traditions of Chinese craftsmen and women in embellishing the ordinary to make the extraordinary - turning a daily necessity into the magical. Each year, he creates around 600 different styles, and has a back catalogue of over 10,000 styles. He has personally selected some of his favourites to take you on his Irregular journey through the years to the present day.

Owning over 300 pairs of shoes dating back to the 17th century, Horsham Museum & Art Gallery wanted to give their comparatively humble shoe exhibition a modern take. They asked and Irregular Choice were delighted to be able to tell their fascinating story – a story driven by Dan’s philosophy, Recapture your freedom which eloped with your youth.

The exhibition Irregular Choice’s Ethereal Dream: stepping out with the Irregular Choice archive will include not only examples of some of the earliest Irregular Choice shoes, but also original sketches and elements of the design process telling the story of a shoe’s journey from its conception in Dan’s uniquely creative mind to fruition.