This event runs from 6th May 2017 to 1st Jul 2017

Steyning Camera Club showcase a wide-ranging selection of quality photography and digital imagery by their members.

With all the mobile phone and camera technology available to us today, capturing a moment in time is easy. But, capturing that moment with an artistic eye to create a final image which combines elements of art, precision and depth of subject takes a sophisticated approach and real skill - as shown by the new exhibition.

Formed in 1972, Steyning Camera Club will be displaying varied inspirational images of nature, portraits, together with the landscape and built environment. Each print is the result of careful consideration by the photographer from the moment of capture through to time spent in the ‘digital darkroom’ and then to the final image - and shows examples of the way the members of Steyning Camera Club view their world and what is important to them.

For instance, there is the fantastic portrait Child Labour, Mexico by Clive Trusler – it is in monochrome, yet its emotional impact is dramatic – every part of this child’s face speaks to the heart.  Contrasting this is Pride on Parade by Sue Lambert – an unusual shot of part of a pristine bright red uniform, medals and buttons, and a pure white gloved hand unabashedly proclaiming pride.  Or, the soothing nature photograph of the Stoat by Yvonne Park – this usually shy animal has been captured perfectly in the sunlight poised on top of a log; unaware of its moment in the spotlight, this image reminds us of the gentle beauty of our natural world.

Sensitive, astonishing and emotive, the images produced by the talented members of Steyning Camera Club form an inspirational exhibition, and shows what can be done with photography when used as an art medium.  What is more, this exhibition comes with double helpings of digital mastery – Steyning Camera Club will be showcasing their images in two halves, meaning that on 5 June, more fantastic prints will be exhibited.