This event runs from 27th Jan 2018 to 24th Mar 2018

The great thing about artists is that they can see the world totally differently from how you perceive it. If they match that vision with technical ability, amazingly different art work can be created. Using sculpture, print, photography and painting, Carole explores and then translates the atmospheres, interior or historical significance of spaces to create a response to, and a reflection of, her experience thereby producing a distinctive and unique art work.

London born Carol, who has a degree in Fine Art, now lives in West Sussex. Her work features in exhibitions and galleries across Europe, as well as in the corporate world. The inspirational, personal and elusive nature of Carol’s work means that it can sit just as well in a gallery as it can in the home. Whilst some of Carol’s work is abstract others, such as her portraits, are figurative reflecting honesty in the representation. These portraits may, on the surface, be seen as easier to connect with yet they actually draw the viewer in. This causes the visitor to reflect longer as the art raise questions about and within the individual.

For some though it is the very tactile and almost sensuous nature of Carol’s sculptures, both those created for the small scale setting such as the home, and outdoor installations such as those produced for the National Trust at Standen, that capture the imagination. What visitors undeniably admire most about Carol’s work is the creativity and adaptability of an artist at the “top of her game” in all areas of her work, as the exhibition Responses and Reflections reveals.