As a country market town, Horsham's lifeblood has been farming and shopping. Exploiting the original packaging of goods and the trade signs, bill heads and accounts used by shShopping Galleryops, the two large Edwardian display cases show the way shop goods and retailers have changed between the Victorian era and the 1960s.

Horsham Museum is fortunate to have the fixtures and fittings from 'Williams & Smith,' a chemist shop formerly to be found on West Street, which have been set up in the gallery. Although the drug drawers are Victorian, they were still in use until the shop closed in the early 1970s. The superbly etched glass door panel reflects the Victorian love affair with ornamentation. Horsham was noted for its market and a lively painting by Edward Bainbridge Copnall of the cattle market in the 1920s is on show. Another cabinet features the artwork on packaging and a display of the weights and measures.