The barn is an original farm building set up at the Museum during 1982 and 1983. It houses displays on the Wealden farmer, Sussex trades and transport and garden equipment. The gallery tells the story of farming from the medieval period through to World War II using local examples, including the daily life of the farmer and the social life of the farm worker with smocks, Sussex money boxes decorated with farming scenes, and an unusual item: a sparrow roaster. The farmyard implements and carts span 200 years, from an eighteenth century wheelbarrow to the 1950s coloured bands for ringing hens. Other cases look at the tools of the trade with sheep shears, sheep and cow bells, as well as rick thermometers. Look out for a superbly made model of a post windmill, a number of fine agricultural medals, the bull ring from the Carfax, as well as some large agricultural tools including an eighteenth century plough.

On raised plinths larger farming tools can be seen together with other equipment including a Lewes winnowing machine and a faggot bundler. Some long handled tools and two magnificent cast horses' heads are mounted on the walls.Jury Cramp Sign

Local trades are represented by the collection of shop and business signs, including the famous spectacles that once hung outside Jury Cramp's shop on West Street.