Fire EngineThe centrepiece of this display is the 1868 Shand Fire Engine, one of two fire engines used in Horsham in the Victorian era. Along with the engine you will discover fire helmets, axes and other items used by the fire service. In Horsham it was an honour to be a fireman, as new recruits to the Service had to be voted in. The voting box is also on display. A magnificent portrait of Thomas Honywood, Captain of the Horsham Volunteer Fire Brigade, dressed in his full fireman's uniform, can be seen in the Museum Library.
BikeThe Museum holds a notable collection of early bicycles such as a 'Boneshaker,' an 'Ordinary,' best known as the 'Penny Farthing,' and a replica of the celebrated 'Hen and Chicken,' or 'Pentacycle,' designed by Horsham architect, Edward Burstow. In all there are over 15 bicycles on display.