Horsham Museum opened its art gallery in 2010, becoming Horsham Museum and Art Gallery. This built on a growing collection of topographical pictures acquired by gift and recently mainly by purchase. The Museum's collection of oil paintings appear on BBC Art UK website; whilst its watercolours and prints appear on the collections pages

SinceAlison Ingram 1990 the Museum has actively collected works by artists that have lived in Horsham or Horsham District. Some more prominent than others. The Museum now holds the best collection in the country of Dr Geoffrey Sparrow watercolours and etching, and a growing collection of Raoul Millais works. Since the 1980s the town has a growing number of botanical artists. This is reflected in our art collection.

In addition, the public art gallery hosts  six exhibitions each year and we arClaire Phillipse looking to display art that will not only illustrate to museum visitors how skilful professional artists are in their chosen field (be it brush, pencil, camera or print), but art that will inspire, inform, educate and entertain. While we seek ways to raise income through the sale of art, the museum is not a commercial art gallery and we do not represent artists.

Artists that have exhibited include  - Alison Ingram, Claire Phillips, Gordon Rushmer, Angela Britten, Andy Waite, Andrew Roberts, John and Bainbridge Copnall to name but a few.

If you are interested in displaying your work at Horsham Museum, please view our exhibiting artists page.

View current art gallery exhibits here.