The Art Gallery was set up in 2010 at Horsham Museum, which recognised that there was a need for a public art gallery in this part of West Sussex. There are six exhibitions each year and we are looking to display art that will not only illustrate to museum visitors how skilful professional artists are in their chosen field (be it brush, pencil, camera or print), but art that will inspire, inform, educate and entertain. While we seek ways to raise income through the sale of art, the museum is not a commercial art gallery and we do not represent artists.
The art gallery is a superb showcase for professional artists, with its airy feel and Georgian-era ambience: part of a medieval building which has been the home of Horsham Museum for over 60 years.
If you are interested in displaying your work at Horsham Museum, please email the Museum  or call on 01403 254 959.

Information for Artists
Ideally all works of art should be either mirror-plated or wired for hanging. If the artwork is smaller than A3 they should be mirror-plated, with larger works this not necessary and they can be wired for hanging.
Every work should have a reference number on the back that corresponds with a catalogue description.
Every work of art should have an insurance valuation, including those works that are not for sale.
A catalogue list (with reference numbers) of the artwork should be supplied, preferably typed and emailed to the Museum.
If there are any particular picture or hanging requirements, these should be explained before delivery of pictures (for example a group of pictures may illustrate a particular natural sequence).
We request that the artists should produce the following information: A short biography about themselves, including such information as where they trained, their tutors and/or who inspired them, and why they took up this art form; also, although not for every picture, anecdotes about the creation of the work.
Ideally artists should give permission to the Museum staff to hang the pictures, also the artist should be available to talk to the media about their work and the exhibition.
The Museum will produce a list of the works which will contain the price of each work.
Where possible each work will have a separate label with the name of the picture/plant, name or initials of the artist and the media. For aesthetic reasons, on occasion the items might by numbered and a separate label near the works be created where more than one picture is noted.
The Museum's aim is to create a visually interesting exhibition, and although selling the works is important the priority is creating an interesting exhibition to showcase your works.