clock face
June 2015: Museum clock care

The Friends have committed a portion of our funds this year to the care of some of the Museum's fantastic clock collection.

After a month of intensive care and attention by West Deen trained horologist Steven Jackman 4 of these museum clocks are now back on show in the Craft Gallery.

Included in this collection is a Bromley – and yes there is a connection with the shoe shop!  

Noel HopkingMay 2015: Noel Hopking watercolour

A recent acquisition by the Friends' is this Noel Hopking watercolour bought at an auction at Toovey's.

Noel Hopking was born in London in 1883 but moved to Horsham where he painted and sold his work locally. Much of his work included illustrations for cards and prints. This particularly attractive watercolour was previously privately owned in Billingshurst and was understood to have hung in Noel Hopking's house in Warnham Road, Horsham. It also featured in the 1938 London exhibition - 'Promising young Artists'.

Two further works of his have also been recently acquired and are now on display at the Museum.


February 2015: Sculpture by Bainbridge Copnall

The Friends' most recent purchase is an important item for the Museum's collections: a rare bronze by Edward Bainbridge Copnall (1903-1973) called "Design for a Fountain,".

Copnall was a noted sculptor in his day, particularly known for his stonework. Before taking up sculpture he was an accomplished portrait painter with a studio on North Street, Horsham. His father was the local photographer Edward White Copnall.

This modello is an unusual piece, as Copnall rarely worked with bronze and features male and female figures riding on two seals accompanied by water nymphs. At around 18ins high it sits on an ebonised wood square base with bronze plaque. The work was probably part of a commission, although it appears that the final sculpture was never realised.

The modello is now on permanent display in the Museum.