A-Z of History

Children's gallery

Our children's gallery, The A-Z of History, opened on 16 December 2023 and offers visitors of all ages a nostalgic look at toys and games of the past. As well as the childhood artefacts on display there are also key facts and information about Horsham district's history for younger audiences to enjoy.

The gallery is structured around different themes, each focused on a different letter of the alphabet, including castles, nature & outdoors and pets. Lots of the items relating to play and education will be familiar to 'grown-ups', like the Etch a Sketch or 1998's Gameboy Color, but there are also historic items, such as a c.1900 Magic Lantern, which served as an early form of cinema.

A late Victorian magic lantern and slides

The gallery also has interactive elements to keep children engaged with the subject. Many of the panels ask questions from visitors, but they can also write a journal entry on the chalkboard and dress up as a character from Horsham's history.

A rail with children's historic costume on it

Published: 20 Dec 2023