Memory boxes

Our Memory Boxes and quizzes are designed to spark recollections and encourage reminiscence and conversation. Each of our 44 boxes contains objects, photographs and documents from the Museum collections on a particular theme.

The boxes are free to borrow and are particularly useful to use with people living with dementia. There are two types of memory boxes available:

  • Boxes for care homes, clubs and groups (training is usually provided to new borrowers for £15 per person)
  • Mini boxes to use at home with an elderly friend or relative

All boxes and quizzes are loaned for two weeks.

Select a box from the drop-down list and click View box contents to see a full contents list.

Download the booking form and email it to

Coronavirus safety measures

We have adapted our memory box service so it can still be used within organisations, clubs and care home settings in a way that minimises infection risk for both the users of the box and the museum staff and volunteers.

The following measures are now in place:

  • Boxes can be borrowed for one week maximum. Boxes are then put into quarantine for two weeks on return.
  • In the third week, the museum team will check the contents of the box, and the box will be put into quarantine for a further two weeks before it becomes available to use again.
  • Boxes are loaned on the understanding that they will remain within one care home / organisational setting and that the setting is covid-free.
  • Boxes can only be collected and returned on Tuesdays at the back gates of the museum between 10am and 1pm.