We have a range of maps, sales particulars, local directories, local history books and photographs that may be helpful in conducting family or local history research and can be accessed by appointment only.

Please note that we do not hold records for births, deaths and marriages, censuses or parish records, and cannot conduct research on your behalf. If we are not able to assist in your research we will try and point you in the right direction.

Please use the lists of useful links on this page to help you in your research.

Please email if you have a research query.  Visits can be booked by appointment only for a fee, however there is limited availability so where possible we assist in providing a digital copy of requested documents.

Researching family history

Researching the history of your home

The West Sussex Records Office has produced a number of useful documents outlining how to research the history of your house. The museum’s collection of maps, manuscripts and sales particulars may also be useful resources and can be consulted on request.

Metal detecting

Please follow the Portable Antiquities Scheme Code of Practice if you are metal detecting.

Local history societies

There are a number of active local history groups and societies across West Sussex. Below are current links to the websites of various groups.