Archaeological finds

Have you found an item that you'd like to learn more about? The museum staff can identify archaeological remains and we have a Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) who visits the museum to identify and record objects, including any that do not come from archaeological excavations.

The Finds Liaison Officer works with museums to conserve local history. They record objects found by locals on walks or even in their gardens, as well as objects that have been metal detected.

  • Between 11am-3pm the FLO hosts appointments and between 3pm-4pm drop-ins are welcomed
  • From 3pm-4pm people can also pop in freely to drop-off finds
  • Please let the FLO know in advance if you would like finds returned

Book an appointment

To book an appointment with the Finds Liaison Officer please email or call 01273 405731.

Your finds help conserve history

The Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) works with museums to conserve local history, recording items so that everyone has access to the information through the Portable Antiquities Scheme

Once every three months, the FLO comes to Horsham to meet with local finders by appointment and have a look at objects and record them. Anything over 300 years old can be recorded, from 500,000 year old handaxes to 18th century toy cannons.

Drop in to show them anything you think might be worth recording, or just to ask questions about any finds you have unearthed in your garden, on local walks, or while metal detecting.

Please follow the Portable Antiquities Scheme Code of Practice if you are metal detecting.

Sussex Past and Portable Antiquities Scheme