Adopt a museum object

There are 12 museum objects available to adopt. The money raised through this scheme helps fund important projects at the museum, such as the conservation of our collection, the purchase of important objects.

Adults can adopt museum objects for £15. Children can adopt museum objects for £5.

When you adopt an object, you will receive:

  • An adoption letter and an an adoption certificate
  • Regular email newsletters from the museum
  • Your name on the object's label for a whole year (unless you choose to remain anonymous).

You can adopt an object for someone else - just give us their name and details on the application form so that we can prepare their adoption certificate.

How to adopt an object

  • Browse the list of objects using the drop-down list below and choose which one you'd like to adopt
  • Click the Adopt button on your chosen object’s page to open the application form
  • Fill in the application form and email it to

Adopt an artefact application form

Terms and conditions

  • Each object may be adopted by up to five individuals.
  • Objects that are not on display are not eligible for adoption.
  • The Friends of Horsham Museum and Art Gallery or the Museum team may alter the adoption lists at any time. (If objects are removed from the list existing adopters may still be able to renew their adoption if they wish, depending on the reason for removal).
  • Adopting an object will not give you any rights over the object itself or images of it.
  • Occasionally the museum may, for essential operational, health and safety or conservational reasons, need to remove an adopted object from display either temporarily or permanently. In the case of temporary removal, adopters will be notified. You should always call us, just in case, if you are travelling specifically to see the object.
  • Adoption is for one year. Existing adopters will be invited to renew their adoption before the end of the twelve month period.