All at sea: A fresh coat of calm amidst the chaos

The Discover the District gallery has been painted in a fresh modern sea blue, a modern take on a heritage colour that complements the original beams and the pale wood flooring

As renovation work continues and much of the museum building resembles a bit of a building site, one room has received a calming coat of blue paint that complements its historic features.

What will soon be our new Discover the District gallery has just been painted by two of our fantastic museum volunteers, Jeff and Steve.  They have transformed the previous tired light blue paint, which in turn hid a burnt orange colour, under this deep sea blue.

The shade is a modern twist on a heritage colour and complements the woods in the room, which is part of the original 1420s building. The room's interior has been heavily altered over the centuries (we've cropped out the white metal electric fan heater to one side of this shot!), but throughout the heavy timber ceiling beams have remained firmly in place reminding us of the room's history.

The plan for this gallery is to open it up, by moving cases against the wall. This will enable people to see the stunning paintings and great objects we will be displaying in the pair of refurbished 1920s ex V&A mahogany cases (pictured right). We think the rich blue complements the mahogany, too, as well as the pale wood flooring. Not finished yet, but this room feels well on its way.

A pair of refurbished 1920s ex V&A mahogany cases

Published: 12 May 2021