Storrington: A heritage walk

Storrington Weather van

Start point

North Street (library) car park

RH20 4NZ

Walking level: Easy

Distance: 1 mile

Refreshments: The Anchor Public House and Moon Pub on the High Street. Numerous cafes within Storrington itself both on the High Street and Old Mill Square.

Toilets: No public toilets currently in the village.

Dogs: Dog friendly walk

Anyone able to walk without assistance or with walking sticks should be able to go on this self-guided walk. It is unsuitable for mobility scooters and unaccompanied children. Casual footwear suitable for urban walking is suggested.

There are short flights of steps in the walk. Dogs on leads can be taken on the walk. Several of the roads have no pedestrian footpaths and are sometimes busy especially in the High Street and West Street.

This self guided walk celebrates the writers and composers who have found their home in Storrington over the last 150 years. Along the way, you will also discover one resident who became President of an African State. After the walk, you will be able to tell friends what connects Daisy, Tintagel, and Flower Fairies with Barchester. In addition, the trail explores other interesting parts of the heritage of the Village.

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