The Friends of Horsham Museum & Art Gallery

Victorian horse drawn fire enfine

The Friends of Horsham Museum support the museum in raising funds, whether for an exciting new object which has come up for auction or if an artefact needs conservation treatment.

The Friends of Horsham Museum are a voluntary organisation with over 200 members.  They support the museum in raising funds for specific projects, whether that is an exciting new object which has come up for auction or if an artefact needs conservation treatment.

After the museum's refresh we have a new list of artefacts to be adopted.  Some are old favourites and some are new objects that are on display for the first time.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily updates on which objects can be adopted or visit the Adopt a museum object page.

medieval vases

Anybody can become a friend whether you are a regular visitor to the museum, or live on the other side of the world.  As well as supporting the museum with fundraising and events, members of the friends enjoy regular newsletters which keep them up to date with the future plans of the museum.  There are also opportunities throughout the year to engage further with other members of the friends and this summer members were treated to an exclusive preview of the museum before it opened to all on 1 October. Find out more and join the Friends of Horsham Museum.

selection of artefacts available to adopt

The Friends have led many fundraising projects to facilitate the acquisition of new artworks.  The museum's watercolour collection which can be viewed in the Watercolour Gallery has been a collaboration between the museum and the friends over the last few years but they have also purchased for the museum a letter from Miss Godman, a member of the family who built and lived at South Lodge and a beautiful leather bound book presented to the Earl of Winterton when he stepped down as Horsham MP in 1951, amongst many, many others.  Most recently they purchased the Horsham Carpet Page, created by Judy Hurst.  This beautiful work on vellum captures many of the stores of Horsham, from the De Braose lion  featured in the Horsham crest, to the Norman architecture of Bramber and Horsham's own motte and bailey.  Of course, the dragon of St Leonard's Forest features.  These items are important to bringing to life the history of Horsham and the museum would not be able to acquire these works without the fundraising of the Friends and the museums supporters.  You can donate to the Friends in the museum by cash or card or through the HDC lottery or Adopt an Artefact scheme.  More details can be found for these on the Friends facebook page here.

Gold and colourful artwork depicting motifs related to Horsham

Published: 30 Nov 2021