Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is closed until Summer 2021. We are working hard behind the scenes to improve our customer offer but are happy to answer queries and research questions in the meantime. Contact the team via email at museum@horsham.gov.uk.

Book a workshop at your school

Horsham Museum & Art Gallery’s school workshops bring genuine historical artefacts into schools so your pupils can become history detectives; discovering and examining the items, interpreting the evidence and answering questions.

The workshops are run by Petra Nelson, our partner Education Officer.  Petra is a qualified primary teacher with a love of history, especially the horrible, squeamish or funny bits. She is passionate about helping children to engage with history and make sense of the past.

About the workshops

Workshops include an entertaining and educational talk and a hands-on session with activities designed to help children to connect with the past.

  • Each workshop lasts around an hour and is suitable for a class of up to 30 children.
  • Where possible the workshops have cross curricular links. For example, our dinosaur topic has links with science and our toy workshop explores the properties and suitability of materials.
  • The workshops are generally held in schools, with the exception of the Great Fire of London workshop which is held at the museum using our beautiful 15th century building as the backdrop
A flint activity

Our range of artefacts help children to make sense of the far distant past.  Handling and examining genuine dinosaur bones, Stone Age tools and Iron Age pots as well as Egyptian and Roman objects provides a real and vivid learning experience.


Our current workshops are listed below but we are always happy to develop a workshop to meet your needs if the museum’s resources can support it.

  • Dinosaurs: Be a Palaeontologist
  • Stone Age to Iron Age: Be an Archaeologist
  • Ancient Egypt : Everyday Life through Artefacts
  • Ancient Egypt: Mummification
  • Romans in Britain
  • Great Fire of London (held in the museum)
  • Victorian Washday/Houses and Homes
  • Victorian School
  • Life in the Workhouse
  • Beside The Seaside: The Development of Seaside Holidays
  • Toys
  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • Local Horsham History

Find more specific course outlines in our information pack.

An archaeological-themed activity

Prices and booking

Workshops usually run for an hour. We are usually able to run 2 to 3 workshops in a half day and 3 to 4 in a full day, depending on the topic, workshop length and requirements of the school.

  • Single workshop - £125
  • Two workshops - £175
  • Three workshops - £225
  • Four workshops - £275
  • Five workshops - £325

There is also a 45p/mile travel cost to and from Horsham Museum.

For more information or to book a session, please email educationofficer@lpklearning.org or call Petra on 07954 371093.

Museum School Workshop Information Pack

A drawing activity