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Coronation Weekend at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery

The Coronation Weekend saw a hive of activity in central Horsham and there was no exception at the museum that saw welcomed hundreds of visitors.

Published: 22 May 2023

Frederick DuCane Godman: The Legacy of a Collector

This year the summer exhibition at Horsham Museum will be a focus on Frederick DuCane Godman, a local explorer, collector and natural scientist. The exhibition will feature objects on loan from the British Museum, Royal society and British Ornithologists union, as well as several private lenders.

Published: 21 Apr 2023

Colourful artwork of Piries Place

The Art Gallery at Horsham Museum

From Good Friday Horsham Museum will present a gallery which showcases the work of artists from the South East of England. The selection of work on display is varied featuring calming landscape views and dramatic coastlines as well as abstract works and even highly detailed astronomical prints of far away galaxies and nebulas.

Published: 22 Mar 2023

Stained glass window with image of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley Gallery

This April we unveil a new gallery which focuses on the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Born in Warnham, a village on the edge of Horsham, he is considered one of the major English romantic poets. Born into a prominent Horsham family in 1792, he would have inherited the title of Baronet, and a portfolio of property across Sussex, had he outlived his father. This new gallery will give visitors an overview of his life and work. From his early childhood in Horsham, to his tragic death at age 29 in Italy, the display will give insight into the events, people and places which inspired his poetry.

Published: 22 Mar 2023

Our Curator's Top Five Objects

Horsham Museum Curator, Nikki Caxton discusses her top 5 objects in the collection. Joining the museum in August 2021, her favourite objects constantly shift as she discovers new artefacts in the collection.

Published: 14 Mar 2023

We are taking part in The Wild Escape

Today, Horsham Museum & Art Gallery has announced that it will be joining The Wild Escape, a major new project uniting hundreds of museums with schools and families to find nature in museums.

Published: 14 Mar 2023

Expanding our range of British and sustainable products

This year, the museum shop plans to expand its regional retail offer.

Published: 03 Feb 2023

Painting of millennium celebration

Elizabeth Castell at Horsham Museum

Horsham Museum & Art Gallery acquired over 100 of Elizabeth’s textile and wallpaper designs in 2018. This exhibition combines a selection of these prints and the joyful artworks which she creates today.

Published: 23 Jan 2023

Illustration of the Horshamosaurus

Our Assistant Curator's Top 5 Objects

This week, Visitor Services Officer, Helen Leary asked the Assistant Curator, George Graham, about his favourite objects in the collection.

Published: 10 Jan 2023

Horse in Star

RSPCA: 200 Years of Animal Welfare

The RSPCA has called Horsham home since the 1970s and 2022 is an important year as it marks 200 years since the world's first animal welfare act, the Cruel Treatment of Cattle Act, 1822 (also known as Martin's Act) was passed.   A new exhibition is now open at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery and uncovers the history of the charity over the last 200 years. Items on display are on loan from the RSPCA archive and include an Inspector's uniform from the 1930s, a Queen Victoria gilt silver medal produced for the RSPCA in 1882 and many more artefacts which bring to life the society's rich history.

Published: 26 Nov 2022